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Keyboard-only web browsing

I recently decided to improve my keyboard navigation skills for two reasons. First, keyboard navigation increases productivity. Moving between keyboard and mouse takes time—and saving time on little things means having more time for more worthwhile activities. Second, using the mouse often strains my wrist, and I’m hoping that keyboard navigation will lessen this. Someday [...]

The best Firefox add-ons ever

Firefox is awesome. It’s secure, it has great performance, and of course, it’s free. But one of the strongest reasons why people like this browser is the customization it makes possible. Firefox has more than 5000 add-ons to support the way different people use the web. Here’s a list of 15 Firefox add-ons I use [...]

10 annoying web problems (and how to solve them)

10 annoying web problems (and how to solve them)

There’s so much to love about the web. It’s a wonderful place, after all. But a few areas could certainly use some improvement. In this post, I enumerate ten annoying web problems I’ve encountered as a user, and suggest ways in which developers can avoid them—or at least make them less annoying. I’ve also included [...]


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