Clients I've Worked With

I’ve worked with professionals, small businesses, corporations, and nonprofits all around the world. Please see this page for a selection of recent projects.

I especially love to work with clients in the food, travel, and publishing industries. Independent professionals and one-person businesses are also close to my heart.

What Clients Have Said

Maddy was a dream to work with. Thank you for providing me with timely, professional, exactly-what-I-wanted work!

Rebecca Tall Brown

Before I hired Maddy, I had an idea, but no plan and no map. I knew I needed a website to sell my idea. I wanted someone who could understand my idea and set up a plan, someone I could trust with my idea, someone who was willing to go beyond web designing and be much more than a developer. Someone who could not only make a website, but also help create a brand.

Maddy is a little bit perfectionist, which I regard as a positive skill. She is always on time!

I saw the website planning and had a good view of the whole project. During the web design process, as I was dealing and trying to manage too much activities (i.e., home, work, school, and my business), Maddy took my concerns away and stood by me.

The web design suits my business very well.

When the website was done, Maddy stayed in touch with me and asked if I needed her help. I always could reach her with a simple email.

Many many thanks for your efforts and your coaching on my journey to become a successful entrepreneur. I hope someday in the future to thank you personally for your efforts.

Winny Stroop

Maddy did a great job creating clean and organized CSS style sheets and HTML templates. She also did a great job brainstorming new design elements. She was very professional and easy to work with. Thanks for all your help.

Adam Varga

Maddy is a professional outsourcing partner of which I hope to use many more times. Maddy delivers quality work on time or before! Thank you!

Brian Sasse

I am very satisfied with Maddy’s work. She has good knowledge of WordPress and was very open to helping extend the template I wanted to use.

Steve Youngblood

I want to tell you that besides being an expert in web design and development, you’ve been a great coach for me. I’m lucky to use your services. I think it’s good for all entrepreneurs, both senior and newcomers, to have a skilled companion. And for me, that is you. I don’t have much time to work on my website because I have a full-time job, but you took a lot of work out of my hands. Thank you.

Winny Stroop

Maddy continues to amaze me with her professional, timely, cost-effective work. Not only has she consistently delivered what I requested, but she has helped make my sites better than I had planned!

John Fotheringham

I needed my existing web site overhauled and set up so that I could easily manage content. My existing site was outdated and didn’t leverage the latest that technology had to offer online.

I was very impressed with Maddy’s proposal. Her presentation is very clean, well thought out, and professionally presented. It gave me confidence in the final product. During the process, Maddy was very responsive, respectful, and friendly—all while being no-nonsense and getting the job done on schedule. That is truly a gift.

My new website is miles ahead of where I was before. I believe that I can use the work that Maddy has done for years to come.

The site draws visitors’ focus to the products and services I am selling in a much more direct way than before. I want people to sign up for dance classes. That call to action is peppered throughout the site… there is no way to miss it!

Working with Maddy is stress-free. I know others who have had websites designed and encountered drama, missed expectations, missed deadlines, and overall headaches. Not so with Maddy. You can expect clear communications and a quality end result with a fast turnaround time.

Stacey Lizette

Great to work with. Very prompt top-quality work!

Santiago Cueto

Maddy has demonstrated strong technical knowledge in HTML, CSS and even SEO. Her design recommendations were spot on. Her work exceeded my expectations. I would definitely work with her in future projects. I will also recommend her to other employers.

Alan Teo

Really wonderful to work with! Talented, professional, and very communicative, which was essential. We will be working with her again, because we’ve been so happy with the results from the first project. Highly recommend!

Juliana Kerrest

Working with Maddy has been a wonderful experience. The level of professionalism and quality of work is above average. For this project, Maddy was able to complete the project requirements before the deadline (by at least a week). Communications between Maddy and myself have been remarkable; this is a provider dedicated to their work. There hasn’t been a single issue while working with Maddy, and I would highly recommend this provider to anyone looking for a true professional.

Sean St. Heart